JM Drama Alumni - Play Selection Criteria


The Play Selection Committee serves as a conduit for play proposals for JM drama Alumni Association sponsored productions submitted by members of the community, other theatre stakeholders or JM Drama Members. The committee ensures that the requirements for play selection are met and that potential producers and directors have enough experience to mount a successful production.


Process for submissions is:

  1. Person or organization submits play proposal to [email protected], Registry Theater Executive Director at [email protected] or through other board members with feedback on requirements for submission by December 31 of the preceding year of production, however this year we are extending the deadline to January 31, 2020.
  2. All play suggestion are then sent to the JM Drama Alumni Association (JMDA) Play Selection Committee.
  3. The Play Selection Committee selects best play based on the submission that best fits the 5 requirements for submissions listed below and will inform the submitting person or organization before December 31 of the year preceding the production of their decision.
  4. One of the members of JMDA's Play Selection Committee or board designate will then schedule a meeting to review JMDA's Play Production Guidelines with submitting person or organization.
  5. If a member of the Play Selection Committee wished to submit a play for approval to be produced then he/she must notify the JMDA Board Executive Team who will work to find an alternate member of the board to stand in for that submission year.


Requirements for Play Production Submissions:

  1. Submitting person or organization should have a rationale for producing play and it must support JMDA vision and mission

    JMDA Vision/Mission (2019 draft):
    • To support community production and programs which are designed to allow individuals to develop their producing, acting, directing and production skills
    • To support stories of inclusion - including the stories of how differences contribute to personal and cultural success
    • To provide access to professional theatre facilities for play productions at an affordable cost
  2. Play submitting person or organization must have "vision" for play (i.e., idea of time period, set and costume interpretation and fits facility and budget plan)
  3. Submitting person or organization must have demonstrable production experience
  4. Play must be reasonable in terms of its size and budget for the performance space for which it is proposed
    1. loyalty consideration - cost of obtaining rights for performance
    2. Realistic expense budget in relationship to # performances, ticket prices
      1. Number of performers
      2. Number of rehearsals & rehearsal space costs
      3. Set, props and costume budgets
  5. Production team consideration (do they have a producer, stage manager, set, costume designer/wardrobe people in mind)