Presented at the The Registry Theatre
Show dates August 22 - 25, 2001
The Cast
Snoopy Carolyn Magwood
The Kids
Lucy Danielle Fielder
Sally Melissa Mae Lloyd
Charlie Brown Josue Martinez
Linus Greg Morey
Peppermint Patty Gita Pattison
The Birds
Woodstock Julie Hartman
Oliver James Howe
Conrad Carrie Hutter
Harriet Tamara Maurer
Bill Cara O'Brien
Charles M. Schulz Aaron Wilson
The Band
Trumpet Michelle Bergauer
Piano Elizabeth Effinger
Bass Guitar Melissa Hergott
The Creative Team
Director John Canhoto
Music Director & Choreographer Michelle Bergauer
Producers Don Bourgeois & Allan Hoch
Technical Director Allan Hoch
Stage Manager Jennie Smith
Lighting Design Alex Hoch
Lighting Consultant Michael Kruse
Set Design Allan Hoch
Costumes Danijela Tanaskovic with Whitney Engleman
Hair Lisa Croezen
Properties Cheryl Ewing with Liz Dietrich, Anne-Marie Phelan
Poster Design & Cartoons for Bios Scott Chantler
Program Design Joe Simas
Stage Crew
Assistant Stage Manager Brian Thode
Set Construction Suzanne Haines with John Canhoto, Steve Geerts, Adam McCarthy, Conny McCarthy, Marco Ruscitti
Set Decoration Mary Dwyer with Stephanie Boudreau, Susan Campbell, Daphne, Liz Dietrich, Deb Hoch, Jennifer Hoch, Josue Martinez, Josh Niezen, Cara O'Brien, William Rooss, Kevin Seuss, Jennie Smith, Brian Thode, Aaron Wilson, Sherry Wilson
Stage Crew William Ross
Lighting Crew Chris Bendia, Stephanie Boudreau, Piotr Malecki, Michael Muncic, Rob Pegg, Kathryn Phillips, William Ross, Justin Schaefer
Front of House
Front of House Deb Hoch
with Bruce Cameron, Leda Cameron, Susan Campbell, Mary Collard, Jessica Croezen, Allan Hoch, Jennifer Hoch, Jasmine Manglaseril, Marian Marshall, Amy Neufeld
Marketing James Howe with Jasmine Manglaseril
Box Office Don Bourgeois and Cheryl Ewing
Produced by special arrangement with, and music and dialogue furnished by Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc. 560 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022